Saturday, February 27, 2010

When Did This Happen

Last weekend, when I was making the bed, I looked down the hallway to see where Katie was. Ever since Luke died, she won't let me out of her site. She follows me everywhere. She was at the end of the hallway watching me. Harley was sitting snuggled up right against her. Katie doesn't usually let Harley anywhere near her. I managed to get out of the bedroom, get the camera, and have them in the same position. I took several photos of the rare event. When looking through other photos on the camera later that night, we found another one of Katie snuggling with Harley.

So I had decided that these events must be scrapped. I created this 2 page spread today using a sketch I found at Let's Scrap. This first page is the forgotten photo of Katie sleeping with
Harley on one of the dog beds, paws together.

The next page contains a few of the photos I took from the bedroom down the hallway last weekend. Katie really missed Lukie too.

This is both pages together.

This layout is also entered into the monthly challenge on the Scrappin'-n-Chattin' Yahoo Group. This one qualifies for the question category.

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Suzy said...

So cute Sue! Love those Flutter Butter papers ;)