Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Father's Day

It's kind of strange around Mother's Day and Father's Day for me. I really don't have anyone to get something for. Stew gives his father a card, and I was going to make one for him, but he bought one before I got around to it.

So I decided to go with the idea I was working on and make a card for Stew instead. I won't even see him this weekend because he's working 2nd shift and I will be away at an agility trial with Willie, so I thought I would leave him this card when I leave on Sunday morning.

This isn't the best photo, but I had to take it quickly and quietly. When the alarm went off for work this morning, Stew decided he was going to stay home. I already had the day off, so I was going to do some cleaning, some scrapping and work on this photo outside. But I took it while he was still in bed, in the house because it was raining. I think he will like and will be quite surprised.

I am going to enter this into this week's challenge at The Paper Variety. The challenge is For The Guys.

Stew is very special to all of us here, so the doggies will give him this card for Father's Day.


Karen Wilson said...

Awww!! This is super cute! What a sweet idea!! Stew will love it!

Suzy said...

This is such a sweet idea Sue! Like you, I don't really have a need for Father's Day cards yet. I've never given Dave a card from Jax tho. Maybe I will! I know Stew will love it. Thanks for the inspiration.

Sandi said...

What a great card and I LOVE that photo. Willie really knows how to pose!

Kristie said...

I love this card Sue!!! I saw it quick the other day and have been meaning to comment on it. You have inspired me to make a card for Mike from Amber. :) I can't wait to hear Stew's reaction, I am sure he will love it!

glassgraffitix2 said...

Love your card!